Friday, January 30, 2009

"Home" Away From Home...

Well, I'm finally settled in my new "home".  The apartment is very nice and safe.  It has a high ceiling and an upstairs.  The downstairs consists of a bathroom, living/dining area and a small little kitchen area.  It also has very tall windows that let in the morning light.  Then, there are stairs to the left that led upstairs to the loft which is where our beds are.  However, with 3 girls in this small apartment we've had to get creative with storing our stuff.  My clothes are everywhere! My pants are downstairs in the in the armoire thats near the front door. My tops are still in my suitcase that is just sitting by my bed. Our clothes are just everywhere.  It kinda irks me, b/c I like to have my stuff in order, but I'll deal with it.  All in all, the apartment is very nice.  And the staff that works at the front desk are very friendly and helpful, and speak good English.  My roommates and I are different from one another but we get along well.  They have a little more in common with each other than with me, b/c they're both from NY.  However, they explained 'the City' to me, and I explained to them what a dry county was (that was a funny conversation).  
But anyways, today I got to explore the city some.  Megan and I walked around just talking and tried to find a supermarket (supermercato).  We finally found one and got a few things.  And I had lunch at a small caffe on the same street as our apartment.  It was fun just taking it all in and trying to get to familiar with the city.  Which is beautiful by the way.  Its going to be a close call which I like more, Florence or London.  Probably Florence b/c I'll get to know it better.  Then for dinner we had our first dinner together.  We ate a nice restaurant.  I had the "italian classic meal" vegetable soup...but it definitely wasn't like mommas.  It was good though.  Then after we finished our meal the waiter brought us a shot to finish the night off with.  It was called Limoncello (lemon flavor can't you tell?).  Boy was it strong. I tried sipping it, that wasn't going to work.  So Megan and I downed ours and Caitlin took a picture of it (on her camera) and we took a pic of her downing hers.  It made me feel all warm inside.  It was definitely better than sipping it.  Then we walked home.  But on our way home we stopped at the Gelato bar!  Oh yes!  I had my first gelato (oreo flavored of course) and it was AMAZING.  Now I know what the big deal is all about italian ice cream (Caitlin got a picture of this too).  
But anyways, I'm having a wonderful time so far.  And its only day 2 for me!  During some down time here at the apartment I took some "artsy" photos of our apartment key; which is this heavy duty old school key. I had to take a picture of it b/c I love the way it looks.    
But this is the only photo I've really taken since I've got here.  I think I'm going to go shoot some this weekend before classes start (which is Monday); which I'm excited and nervous about all at the same time.  Until then....


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  1. (keith)
    finally i read it all. and im glad b/c now i know everyhing. love you