Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's not my city....yet

Let me start off by saying that my body doesn't like this time zone.  I can't fall asleep until 4:30 am and I want to sleep in until 12 or 1pm.  So I didn't get up until 12 today, which makes me feel so lazy, like I'm not taking advantage of what the city has to offer me.  Therefore, I forced myself to get up at 12pm.
And I went picture-taking/exploring on my own.  The weather was wonderful: sunny, mid 50's, perfect with a light jacket and scarf.  I felt a little silly taking photos sometimes.  B/c back home  no one cares and you're not considered a tourist.  I'm not saying I got any weird looks or anything (ok maybe a couple) but I felt strange.  Like I was imposing.  I took about 60 pics today and I'm sharing a few of the ones I've already edited.

This is on the right side of the bridge over the Arno River (looking at what I think is north-but I'm not sure).  The sky really was that blue today ( I didn't do anything to this pic).  It was very pretty.  

This beautiful mask is 29 euros.  It is located inside a mask store that is across the street a little ways from my apartment.  Every time I walked by it I wanted to go in a take a look, so today I finally did.  Beautiful masks.  

And tons of them.  This is halfway into the place.  It's jammed pack full of different masks.
Its me!  Yay standing on the sidewalk of the bridge over the Arno River.  A self-portrait.
And here finally is (half) of the main entrance of LdM.  Italy has sooo many beautiful doorways.  Huge, old fashioned doors.  I've been taking flat shots of all the different doors.  I'll post more of them later.
OH! and I bought myself 2 scarves today!  We walk by this little place that is covered in scarves everyday...and I've been eyeing this blue one since the first time I seen it!  And today I got it!  I love it.  It is the perfect length and has just the right weight and softness around your neck.  So far, the best 5 euros I've spent.

This is what is looked like as I walked by....

And I bought that blue one, 3rd row down, the one on the right.  Gorgeous right?  I know!  I will be back there to buy more.  For myself and as gifts for others.  Well, its dinner time and I'm hungry.  Until later...


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