Sunday, February 1, 2009

Un piovoso domenica pomeriggio…

Or in other words: a rainy Sunday afternoon.  After I woke up I really didn't do much, and it started getting to me, so I went for a walk (with my camera along with me).  In my opinion it was the best kind of rain.  Not too hard but not too misty either = use your jacket hood and not the umbrella.  I started off by heading towards the Arno River.  I took some pictures there.

Then, I circled up to the Duomo; which is my permanent landmark.  If I can make it to the Dumomo, I can make it home.  And you can see if from just about anywhere in Florence.  This one of the doors ( I don't know which one -- its either the south or north door).  Its pretty amazing to see something in real life that I've only seen in Dr. Decker's class.  

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