Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friends of the Uffizi....

Well, I want to start off by saying that homesickness sucks.  I've experienced alot of it this past week.  Not good.  I was surprised that it decided to hit me so hard and so soon.  I'm on week number 5 here.  But, after some self-pity, whining about wanting to go home, and having Keith being a wonderful supporter to talk me down, I sucked it up and go over it.  So I think I'm good for now. I helps to understand homesickness to help get over it.  So google was my friend in understanding homesickness and "cures" for it.  
Anyways, classes are going well.  Painting continues to be my favorite.  The past week I had to do a pastel drawing of a nude model (I took a picture of it for your viewing pleasure) and then I had to do a 'bezztio" (this may be spelled wrong-its an italian word) which is a small pre-painting of what you're bigger, more detailed one will look like, and it was done in acrylic.  So, next Monday I'll start the oil painting.  We have the nudes scheduled to come to all of our painting classes until midterm.  I simply love painting, drawing from nudes.  I thought I would hate it, that it would be too hard for me, and that I wouldn't rise to the challenge.  But its great.  I'm learning so much.  And Marsha is open to experimenting with our painting techniques and is very patient. I know I would never get this at GC, and it was one of the reasons I decided I wanted to study here.  I'll never forget the things I'm learning in that class.  And I think once I get back home, I'll probably go to the nude drawing/painting sessions that UK offers on the weekends.  Its opened many doors. 
I finished my ring in jewelry making.  Ada has requested that I post a picture of it.  I'll get right on that.  :)
Today, I finally got my lazy butt over to the Uffizi.  I bought the 'Friends of the Uffizi' card.  Its a museum card that, for 40 euros (if you are under 26  years old), you can get into any state museum for free and without having to wait in lines.  So, I can go to the Uffizi any time I want and skip the line.  Which is awesome b/c I had to wait for an hour in line today  just to buy the card.  The Uffizi is huge.  I didn't take my time today, I just wanted to get an overview of the entire place.  Its huge.  I'm going to back this weekend I think and do some sketching.  I got to see Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" and "Primavera".  They were impressive, huge.  I personally like "Primavera" over the "Birth of Venus".  But the one painting that I seen today, that I totally forgetten was in the Uffizi and it was amazing, was Artemisa Gentileschi's "Judith Slaying Holofernes".  Awesome.  I loved it.  I also liked the Caravaggio pieces they had.  There was a lot to see and I'm sure I didnt see it all.  Thats why I'll go back.  :) The more often the better.
I took some pictures while I was out and about today.  Mostly of the Palazzo Vecchio, where the original David used to be, and they are working on the replica right now.  :(  (But I seen the real thing by the way, last week at the Accademia, David is my new BFF.)
Anyways, I'm going to Paris next week.  I'm so excited about it too.  My friend, Nicole, from painting class, is going with me.  We leave Thursday and get back late Sunday night.  We plan to spend all day Friday in the Louvre, and we are going to the ballet too.  :)  I can't wait.  
Spring break isn't far away....Thank goodness.  Keith will be here, about damn time too.  :) I miss that boy so much.  I have so much to show him, and the food....he will love the food. I'll try to post some pictures later, when I have a better internet connection.  Until then...


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