Friday, February 6, 2009

"I'm American too...I'm from Uruguay..."

Alloro (well...)....
Since the last time I've posted I had Jewelry Making class.  We started making a simple ring.  Its very interesting to learn how to do.  I got to use the torch.  Yeah :).  It was fun.  I have a male teacher for that class.  Apparently the ratio of women to men in this city is close to 5 to 1.  And not many guys are studying abroad here.  My largest class is my Museum class with 21 people, all girls!  Its just different.  I like the different kinds of people here though.  Back home (especially at GC) its all the same: mostly white, middle to upper class people.  Here you've got everybody.  Whites, blacks, Asians, Koreans, Italians (of course), homeless, rich, poor, middle class, snotty, humble, pink hair, mohawks, trendy clothes...just everyone seems to be represented here.  And you don't smile or look at people as you walk down the streets here.  Heck, I'm used to smiling to everyone back home.  Here thats a no no.  My roommates are a little more used to that then me b/c they are used to visiting NYC.  Its still an adjustment for me.  
The streets are tiny here, which is why they drive such small cars here.  The streets were made for horses not SUVs.  And the way they drive...oh my.  Crazy, fast, and experienced.  When crossing the streets here its required by law that the cars (and mopeds) stop for people, unless there is a crosswalk but thats only at two lane roads.  So you just walk out in the street and the cars are supposed to stop.  Ha ha...I still look both ways.
No classes on Fridays are working out for me.  I went to the painting studio to work for a while today.  Didn't get a lot done unfortunately.  I still have a lot of homework to do for that class.  I'll probably try to knock some of it out of the way tonight.  
Time is weird.  I feel like I've been here for a really long time already but the days are flying by.  Its so strange.  We only have 13 weeks left and we know this b/c most of our classes only meet once a week and we counted how many classes of each we have left...13.  I've already been here for a week.  I really enjoy it.  Every time mom or dad call they ask me if I like it and want to if I'm going to come home early.  lol.  Some times I can't believe I'm really here and doing it.  I worried so much before I left that I wouldn't be able to adjust.  But I'm doing fine really.  It just surprised me how well I've adjusted.  Don't get me wrong some things are really strange to me but I just like to think of it as different.
Thursday night the roomies and I went out for the first time.  We went to a little bar called JJ's Cathedral, which was right next door to the Duomo.  We each drank a "Snakebite" (a pint for 5 euros) which consists of Fosters beer, cider, and some fruity stuff.  It was dee-lish!  I'm slurped it down and later felt some slight side affects of doing so.

The three of us.

Megan sporting her "Snakebite".

And later Timmy joined us and showed us around more of Florence.
He's been here for about a month.  So he was a little more familiar with some parts of Florence.  And Saturday night, Timmy had us over at his apartment (which is on the other side of the Arno) and fixed us dinner.  Sausage and pasta.  We brought the wine.  It was fun hanging out.  Makes me wish my BF was here, fingers are still crossed for Spring Break.  
Today, I worked on some homework, spent about an hour updating my iCalendar, and then went out and took some pictures.  It gets dark here around 6:00.  So mostly, I just walked around and enjoyed the scenery.
Well I've been trying to upload more photos on here for the past 24 hours and its not working...therefore I give up!  Maybe later in the week you'll get more photos.  Until then....


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  1. Hey Peggs! I want to see a picture of this first ring that you make, that sounds cool! A snakebite? Sounds pretty good! lol. I miss you and keep blogging!