Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Its a go, a VanGogh....

Lets see, what to update you on.  Ok, lets start with painting class.  Can I just tell exactly how different Marsha is from Boris?!  Total 180.  She knows Slash from Guns 'n Roses.  She encourages me to experiment with the paint, to feel out the different ways in which it moves, loves the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has taught at LdM for 16 years, and before that she worked as an art therapist to autistic children here in Florence, however, shes originally from California.  She is intense. Oils are her passion.  She believes that you just have to live life and not worry about precautions.  "I was your age in the 70's.  In the 70's you did whatever you wanted. So I laid on the ground and looked up at the Sistine Chapel.  I still do whatever I want."  Shes goofy.  She wears ATLEAST two sets of glasses around her neck. Her critiquing style is GREAT, constructive criticism at its best and always to point out at least one positive about everyones work.  Very low-key but serious all at the same time.
Needles to say, she is AMAZING and I love having her as my painting professor.  I'm going to learn great things from her.  
We are currently working on 3 acrylic studies on paper from still lives of our choosing.  Then one combination oil painting that is due at midterm, however, we have to finish them outside of class (aka homework).  And this coming Monday we'll be working with nudes (in oils) again and continuing to until midterm.  I'm very excited b/c I know I'll never get this opportunity at GC.
Italian is going well.  The homework is easier than I thought it would be.  I have my first quiz next Thursday (not this thursday).  Although my teacher doesn't speak very good english she is a very good actress.  
Today, I had marble carving again.  And the rock isn't speaking to me.  Jena (the teacher) says its just marble when there isn't any inspiration coming from it.  Heck its not even marble to me, its a rock right now.  So, I'm sketching, trying to get it to talk to me.  
Tomorrow I have World of Museums and we are going to our first museum!  I'm sooo ready for it too.  I feel like a slacker art-kid b/c I haven't been to one yet.  I'm waiting until this weekend.  I will for sure then.  Megan is going on a trip this weekend to the French Rivera.  I decided against going b/c its too soon for me.  I might travel a little later in the semester.  So this weekend its going to be museums and working on painting homework.
Oh and the italian oranges here at to die for!  They are soo good.  My friends that are in Valencia say Valencia oranges are great.  I want to try both to compare and contrast.  I know though that the Italian ones are so much better than what we get back home.  Yum...  
Yesterday one of my roommates, Caitlin fixed us dinner.  Truffle cheese pasta...it was very good, different but good.  Its a thicker pasta with light truffle evoo, and shredded truffle cheese on top. And tonight Megan fixed dinner, a capriese salad.  All it is, is a fresh tomato slice with a chuck of mozzarella cheese on top, salt, dark truffle evoo, and balsamic vinegar.  Dee-lish and simple.   I have no idea where I'm going to get these ingredients once I'm back home but I'll find them somewhere.  So, tomorrow night is my night.  Guess what I'm fixing?  Yup either a burger or a grilled cheese sandwich...b/c I want something semi-familiar.  :)
Speaking of which, I received WONDERFUL news last night...Keith is coming to visit during spring break, for-sure for-sure!  I am sooo excited!  I can not wait to see him, show him around the city, watch his face when he eats this delicious food, and take him to get gelato.  Its going to be the best spring break EVER...and only 37 days away.  :)
I had my first real bout of homesickness this past weekend.  Sunday.  I kept myself busy and it eventually went away.  But it was rough while it was there.  I'm ok now.  It just comes in small waves (sometimes big ones) every now and then.  I'm good though.  Its normal to feel that way sometimes.
Well I need to take a shower and hop into bed.  I've been staying up way too late, like 2:30ish.  So tonight I'm going to get in bed before 1:30, hopefully 12.  
I'm still having trouble uploading pictures.  So if you've managed to stay with me this long (I know I write a lot) without pictures you must truly love me.  Thanks.  I'll have to go to the school library where I'll get a better connection to upload pics.  Until then....


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  1. You seem like you are having a good time.. other than the homesickness. I love you so much! I´m so glad you´re doing this and you are pretty much amazing! i´m excited to talk to you about your experience! and share some of mine too..