Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just step between the rain drops...

Yup, its still raining here in Florence.  But I have an umbrella and rain boots now!  10 euros at the street market.  Well, I've had more classes since the last time I posted.  On Tuesday I had Marble carving and Italian Language.  Let me tell you, marble carving is a work out.  We started that day too.  Picked out a piece of marble to practice on and practiced for 2.5 hours. Dang, its hard work too.  My arm was sore the next day.  And the funny thing is that my professor for that class is shorter and thinner than me and packs a powerful hammer swing.  She's  really small and very impressive.  At first I couldn't picture myself doing well in that class.  However, she showed us examples of past student's work (including Mary Carlton's piece - I recognized it!) and insisted that everyone of those students were beginners as well.  So, that made me feel a little better.  I'm still not sure that I'm going to be successful with marble carving but...I'm going to stick with it and be proud of whatever my outcome is.  
Italian language is going to be hard for me.  My teacher is very young and doesn't speak good english.  But every language class is a challenge for me.  So I've already done my Italian homework in hopes that I'll be better prepared for class tomorrow.  
Today I only had one class, The World of Museums.  I couldn't decided if this class was going to be a favorite of mine or not until I went to it.  Its going to be awesome.  For one thing, I feel like I'm ahead of everyone b/c of how well I was prepared by all of Dr. D's classes. Secondly, we are going to a museum during class every other meeting time.  :)  Which I'm pumped about.  The textbook for the class is easy reading too.  Overall, I think this class may be one of my favorites.
Tomorrow I have Jewelry Making and language (again).  I'm excited about jewelry making, I hope I take a lot from that class.
I made myself spaghetti for dinner tonight at the apartment (- the hamburger meat).  It was good.  Although, I have been eating the Italian equivalent of Ramen Noodles a lot for snacks and lunches b/c its cheap, quick, and easy.  And its good too.
One more day of classes and then its the weekend.  In case I forget to mention it before, studio classes here are 5.5 hours long, counting a 30 min lunch break.  That is taking some adjustment to (esp. in marble carving -- its hard to keep going).  But give it another week and I'll be used to it. 
I also bought some post cards today.  Next on my list is to find a tobacco store that sells stamps.  Maybe I'll send one to you.  Until then...


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  1. Oh Peggs, I am completely jealous! Your pictures are gorgeous and I am enjoying stalking every part of your day! The scarf was really pretty, good choice! 5 and half hour long studio classes seems CRAZY! I can hardly make it through some of ours... :) anyways, i love you! Be good!