Monday, February 2, 2009

"Are they in the right place, Ms. Coots?"

So, today is Monday, Feb 2.  Groundhog day back home, nothing special here except for the fact that classes started today!  I was soo nervous.  What if classes are more advanced here and I can't make the par? or What if my teacher doesn't speak good english? or What if I can't find the building my class is in?  Lol.  I had so many "what if's" running through my head this morning while I was getting ready.  And yes, I did get lost on my way to class, of course.  I passed the building 3 times before I realized it was right in right of me.  I was 10 minutes late, and you know how I am about being late.  My hands were shaking like I was an addict or something.  But I calmed myself down and found the right building, and classroom (and I wasn't the last one in either).  My first (and only class) for Mondays is...Intermediate Painting with Marsha Steinberg.  Painting!  What if I'm not advanced enough for 'intermediate'?!  This was my main concern.  However, first thing off we had an entrance exam.  Which usually would've made me crazy with worry, however, was a very calming idea b/c I knew that if I didn't need to be in that class then the teacher would be able to tell from my test.  It was a reassuring thought. And....I passed! But listen to what the exam was...a nude painting: on paper with black and white oil paint only.  There were two nude models, a male and a female; and we were to focus on one only.  The test lasted about 1.5 hours.  I was really pleased with my work too considering it was my first nude painting with oils.  My entire class passed, all 8 of us.  Afterwards, we gessoed some paper and headed to the art supply store where I spent 196 euros for that one class.  Crazy huh?  Not much I can do, I needed the supplies. Then we had a lunch break.  I ate at a wonderful little sandwich shop that gives a student discount.  Then it was back to class where we looked over the syllabus, claimed our lockers and cubby holes, and put the room back in order.  Marsha (my teacher) is very nice and she loves my last name (haha).  She seems patient enough but I feel like shes going to like challenging us, which is a great thing.  The class is going to be a heavy load.  A painting every week just about. Finally I'm on a regular painting schedule!  And homework! I already have a lot of homework for this class.  Before next Monday I have to: paint a color chart in my sketchbook, do six mini paintings using primary colors and their complements, gesso some more paper, and bring in some FOUND OBJECTS for our next project.  So, I'll be spending some time in open studio.  But I'm excited about this class.  And I'm making friends already.  Some of them have noticed my southern "twang" and thinks its cute.  Many of the students I've meet so far are from the north eastern part of the US or from England.
Well, thats all for today.  Oh and it rained again today.  Straightened my hair for nothing.  Supposed to rain all week too.  Oh well.  I like the rain.
Until later...


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