Monday, May 11, 2009

Painting Final...

My last painting class was today.  So sad.  Its by far my favorite.  Every Monday morning with painting is a good way to start the week.  And today we had our final critique.  We had to make corrections to the paintings we did for midterm, then we had two new pieces that we hadn't critiqued yet.  The first new one was a double portrait of me and a model.  The second one was a two-panel painting that we had full rein over, only stipulation was that it had to be from life/photograph.  I'm still not happy with the double portrait but oh well.  But I'm really happy with my two-panel painting.  I got a lot of positive feedback on it.  That one might actually go up in the our apartment when I get home.  :)
Heres some photos of my class' work:

Nicole with her naked woman and boob.

Vic with her work. (sorry its blurry)

Kendal and her work.

My two-panel painting. :) Mi piace.

All my work.  See the improvement?

Note: there are two more kids in my painting class but they ditched before I could get a shot of them and their work.  :( 

Sculpture tomorrow.
Italian tomorrow.
Art History on Wednesday.
Jewelry on Thursday.
Party Thursday night.
Pack on Friday.
Leave early Saturday morning and arrive in KENTUCKY at 5:30 pm Saturday afternoon.

Crazy huh?


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