Friday, May 15, 2009

Tomorrow, I go home...

Things I’m going to miss about Florence:

The People

Nicole: a girl whom is quickly becoming one of my best friends, has a wonderful little shoulder to cry on, says “gotcha” all the time, enjoys a good meal, likes to pre-game early, keeps me optimistic even when I don’t feel like it, my painting and pastry buddy.  I’m going to miss her.

Marsha: Oh how I’m going to miss Marsha with her 20 (or so) necklaces, two pairs of glasses, distinctive voice, take-no-crap attitude, wise advice, unflattering energy, amazing teaching abilities,  stories about her amazing life journey, and the way she calls me by my last name because its fun to say.  Can’t I just take her home with me?

The Contessina Faculty: what would the Contessina be without asking for an internet card nearly everyday for 2 months and the young daughter and her husband (whom speaks no english), and their two incredibly cute young kids? Or the way the mother goes out of her way to make sure that we are happy, sometimes surprising us with a home baked cake.  Or Kiara, my bffl, who speaks wonderful english and fishes for compliments to make her feel like shes not old.  Or her husband, who looks very different in regular clothes.  And lets not forget Franceso, and his awkwardness, his passion for knowledge, the fact that he’s never wrong according to him, how he would never date me because I have tattoos, the way he first had a crush on Megan then moved to Caitlin, or the way he gets so bored and will talk your ear off for as long as you let him. Oh the Contessina, what will you do without the girls in 204?

The going-out crew: Sarah Jane and Leo, Melissa, Nicole and Leo (my drinking buddy!!) I miss the good times with them.

The Places

The Boboli Gardens: where dreams can come true and fairy tales are real. I will miss killing time just because, reading a book under a tree, taking a nap in the open grassy field at the bottom of the gardens, sitting on the benches near the lake, watching the fish in the fountain, and enjoying a sunny day away from the crowds. I’ll never forget the photoshoot with Keith in the gardens and our picnic afterwards.  Oh the ways in which I will miss the Gardens?

The Museums: bored? go to a museum.  Simple as that, go see some kick-a art, something different every time from all the different museums to choose from.  

Via dell’Alloro 14: The LdM art building, smells of turp and oil paint, how theres always an art kid in the building somewhere, the outrageously early hours in which they close, the moody tetris guys who don’t like their jobs, J.R. the cute little guy who cleans the building and is so nice, how theres always at least two different sources of music coming from the same room, and the comforting fact that art kids converge there.

Misc. things: the cobblestone streets, the beautiful buildings, the windows and doors, gelato, the central market, the dried fruit guy, fresh food, walking EVERYWHERE, dogs in bars, drinking with an open container on the street, the wine bar on the corner, the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, the way the italians say OK, using words like Grazie and Ciao daily, H&M and Zara, the freaking amazing pastries, the carousal, street artists, San Lorenzo Market, the paninis, the AMAZING art supply stores!!!, the amazing art, the condom dispensers on the street (hilarious for a Catholic country), fresh mozzarella, pretty much everything.  

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