Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ahh Venice (lots of pictures)....

Boats, not cars.

How cool would this be?


My fav shot from the whole day.

view from the train.

I went to Venice this past weekend, and fell completely in love.  So in love that now I wish I had considered studying for the semester in Venice.  Gorgeous.  You step out of the Train Station and into water.  Its amazing.  Then you can walk, take a water taxi, or a ferry to where ever you need to go. There are NO CARS anywhere, how different then what I'm used to.  Absolutely beautiful. And whats funny about it is that I had no desire to see Venice whatsoever, but as soon as I seen it I fell in love.  There was an Italian family sitting near me on the train and when I seen the vastness of the water for the first time I gasped out loud, they laughed at me (not in a "I'm making fun of you" way, but in a "Yeah, Venice does that to you" way).  The ferry ride (my first) was interesting to say the least, very crowed, and they cram way too many people on the things and the ferry guy was really rude, but I guess if you have to deal with tourists all the time you would be kind of cranky.  The weather was wonderful, upper 70's, clear blue skies, in other words a wonderful day to go to Venice.  And there were soo many people there in the main squares, but less down the smaller streets.  The buildings look so run down and old, but beautiful all at the same time.  And I like how you can tell how high the water gets because of the green moldy slime on the bottom of the buildings.  Something else that I got a kick out of is the fact that many streets dead-end...into water.  
I took alot of pictures and already wish I could go back.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but in no way do they do the beautiful city justice. Ahhh........I LOVE VENICE (& you would too)!


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