Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They took my umbrella....

I got my purse back from Paris!
I was pleasantly surprised and a little disappointed all at the same time.  They left everything except: my camera, my ipod, my flash drive, and my umbrella.  They even took my umbrella.  Come on!  I knew the camera and ipod would be gone, but I was hoping they might have a heart and give back the flash drive.  Oh well.  At least I got my Id's back.  Now I don't have to pay GC $50 for a new G-card. 
And, I bought myself a leather jacket today.  Megan and I went together, it was an interesting experience.  The place that we went to, sells custom made leather jackets to most study abroaders in Florence.  So we knew he was good and that we'd get a good deal.  After trying on the first leather jacket, I was completely turned off.  I just looked different.  But eventually I found one that I liked.  I fell in love with a black bomber jacket with a hood (hood is 10 euros extra).  I'm not made like Italian women, I have curves (you know, hips and breasts which Italian women aren't big on here).  So, the tight small, form-fitting ones weren't cutting it.  He finally brought out the bomber jackets and then we started talking my kind of leather jacket.  And then when I tried it on, I knew it was the one.  :) Its nice.  Megan says I look sexy in it (which I don't of course) but it does seem to match my attitude very well.  I'm happy with my purchase, and it should last for a verrrry looong time.  I wonder what Keith will think of it....


OH! ps... only 17 days left! ahhhhhhhhh!!!! 

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