Saturday, April 25, 2009

Its like Christmas....

This past Thursday, I got a package in the mail! and it was a big one too. It was like Christmas all over again, I couldn't wait to open it up.  So, I did, in the middle of class.  I must say I do have the worlds best mother-in-law.  She stocked me up with American foods/candies.  Gobstoppers, Charleston Chews, Nerds, Oreos, beef jerky!,  and Poptarts!  It was amazing to open it and see all those goodies, plus a letter from her, Keish, and Court.  Exciting stuff.  Needless to say, everyone is jealous, but I share.  And my jewelry teacher, who is German, wanted to try the Charleston Chews.  He loved them! He said that I would have to mail him some more once I get back in the states.  lol.  I LOVE my goodies.  They will definitely hold me over for the next 20 days, yes thats right, I only have 20 days left.  Crazy huh?  but I have sooo much work to get done in those 20 days.  I have to start and finish a two-panel painting, make some corrections to an old painting, finish up a marble sculpture (which is not going too bad), start and finish a silver bracelet in jewelry class, and a project/paper for my museums class.  Oh, and Italian class is going ok.  My grade average is a B (in Italian), which is awesome because it gives me some leeway on that final.  ;)
And this coming Tuesday afternoon is going to be like Christmas too because....there are good people in the world.  Some in Paris turned my purse into the Police Station, who in turn turned it into the City Lost and Found.  They sent me a letter telling me to come get myself or send someone to do it for me.  And my friend, Ashley, is in Paris right now and said that she would get it for me!  How amazing is that?  Not only that it was turned it but that I have a friend that is willing to take time out of there time in Paris to get it for me!  I feel much better about the whole "I lost my purse/life in Paris...." thing.  There are good people in the world.  So, this Tuesday I get my purse back.  I dont care whats in it, probably not the things I want the most but thats ok.  I'm just excited to have it back.  Know what I mean? I love for my ipod and camera to still be in there, but I'm not counting on it.  Electronics are tempting to take I suppose.  But maybe my drivers license and student ids are still in there, and *fingers crossed* my flash drive.  But no expectations.  I just wonder what hell my purse went through to get back to me, its adventures.  :)
So, in the meantime, I'll eat my Oreo Fudge Rings from the U.S.A, work my butt off on art projects, and count down the days til I'm back in Kentucky but enjoy those 20 days in the process.  


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