Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time to be a big kid...

...Or atleast start thinking about it.  Which means that I register for Fall '09 classes soon, this coming week!!! ahhh!!!  Senior year! I am not sure I'm ready for that.  That means I have to start thinking about life after college and what it means to be a big kid. ugh.  But I'm also kind of excited.  Its an opportunity to show what I've learned and the potential that I have to contribute to the world.  So, I'm trying to look at it like that instead of freaking out.  
Speaking of seniors, I'm very bummed that I will be missing senior show this year back home.  Many of my friends are going to be graduating and I arrive in Lexington on May 16, day of Graduation.  I'm hoping some of them will still be around later in the day so I can say goodbye to some of them atleast.  I am also in search of a summer job too.  Which is very difficult in this economy and considering that I have to do it all through email since I'm not there.  We'll see.  The weather is finally starting to act right around here.  Sunny, blue skies and upper 60's sometimes lower 70's.  Thank goodness.  It improves the mood, but sometimes makes me want to be lazy and not do my homework.  Like yesterday for example.  I intended to get my painting homework done in the studio, but it was just too nice outside to be in all day.  So, I took my Italian homework, bought a book, and went to the Bobilos.  Finished my Italian homework, started and nearly finished a book, and took a wonderful little nap under a shade tree.  It was lovely.  It doing things like that, that make me realize that "Yeah I really am in Florence, ITALY."  It was so nice.  Then I treated myself to a slushy (yeah they have slushies here in Italy too!) on my walk home.  It was overall a great day.  And I'm glad I did it because today it rained, and I worked in the studio on painting stuff.  A self-portrait = ugh.  It turned out ok.  Looks like me I think.  
My friend, Ashley, got a tattoo this week.  It was her first one and I went with her as support (and why would I pass up the opportunity to watch someone get tatted up?).  She drew up her own design, a poppy flower, very colorful and pretty.  She got it done at Dragon Tattoo on via Faenza, where they charge way too much but do a real good job.  The tattoo artist was very cool too.  He had pickled snakes on his desk, big snakes too, not little ones.  And mounted spiders.  Its also so interesting to see how his/her space is decorated, tells alot about them.  He did an awesome job on Ashley, looked just like her drawing.  And she did so well for her first tat, and she already wants another one! :) Its so addicting.  But now I have the itch, for one.  But I've had the itch for a while.  Its time to get another one.  I was talking to my mom about it and she says,
"Peggy you need to stop. Your body is fine the way it is." lol.  I have so much more body to decorate though.  ;)  
Time is winding down here.  I only have 41 days left, and today is almost over.  Its crazy.  Because the first half of the semester I dealt with a lot of homesickness and felt like I wished a lot of it away.  But after Keith visited me, I looked at things differently.  And he gave me the swift kick in the butt that I needed to straighten up.  Now, its going to fly by.  Only 6 weeks of class left, including finals.  Then I have a day to pack and then I leave for home.  Everyone here is starting to realize it too.  They are either traveling like crazy trying to see all of Europe, or staying in Florence more b/c they traveled the first half.  I need to travel more.  See more of Italy.  I'm such a slacker.  But I like to relax on the weekends, and I always have painting homework no doubt.
I did well on all my midterms.  Got a B in Italian.  I was pumped I got an A in painting!  I was so happy about that.  Recieved an A in my museums class and a 100% on a paper for her (if Dr. D had graded it, it defiantly wouldn't have been a 100, but there's some leeway here with the language barrier too though). Got an A in jewelry, actually another 100.  :)  So, I've been doing pretty well.  Again, no midterm in Marble Sculpture.  I feel good about my classes.  :)
Well thats the update.


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