Monday, March 30, 2009

A Beautiful Week...

So, I recently had a visitor. My darling Keith came to visit me for a week during my Spring Break.  I nervously awaited his arrival, Sunday night at 10:00 pm.  I had some trouble with the airport bus shuttle, well it really ended up being a communication error between me and the ticket guy.  The bus station closes at 8:30 pm and I was going to catch the 9:00 bus to the airport, he said that it would be outside the BUS STATION, but it was really outside the TRAIN station.  So, I was a little late getting to Keith.  But it was amazing to see him finally.  I almost knocked him down in the airport with my gigantic hug.  :)
We stayed in Florence the entire time.  He wanted to see the places that he hears me talk about on the phone and stuff.  So I showed him everything.  And the punk that he is didn't want to go to any museums!  Dork! how can you visit the art capital of the world and not want to go to a museum?  haha.  But it was his vacation, so we didn't go to any.  I give into to him too easily.  Pretty much all Keith was interested in was the FOOD!  I have never eaten out so much in my life.  And he loved it.  However, I was correct in guessing that the Italian food portions would NOT be enough to fill him up.  He ate a lot.  And fell completely in love with the olive oils and fresh mozzarella cheese.  We had waffles and nutella.  He drank beer with every meal, yup even breakfast, b/c thats what they do here.  He was all for that too.  
We climbed to the top of the Duomo, conquered all 463 stairs up it.  It was quite a view.  And that was when I learned that I'm a touch claustrophobic.  Not cool.
We also had a short photo session in the Gardens.  Since, I can't get married there we had my wonderfully talented roommate, Megan, take "engagement-like" photos of us in the Gardens.  And they turned out wonderful (all 225 - yup she took that many, and only stopped b/c her memory card was full). Above are a few of my favorites.  :)


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  1. Peggs, I am so glad to hear that you had a great time with Keith! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures, especially the third one down! I can't wait to see the rest of these pictures! I bet they are beautiful! I miss you so much right now! Insight into senior show from the great Peggy
    Coots would be fabulous right now. Hope you are still having the time of your life! Love you!