Sunday, March 1, 2009

A weekend alone...

Probably the coolest water fountain I've ever seen!

Well, this weekend I was all by my lonesome in the apartment.  Both of my roommates are off traveling.  Surprisingly, I've enjoyed my time alone.  I was afraid that I'd get lonely then homesick, but so far so good.  I've finally had some privacy.  Our apartment is so small and open that its impossible to have a private conversation on the phone or skype.  Not that I have secrets to discuss or anything, but its just different when you know that people can hear your conversations.  So its been nice.  I'll be ready for them to come home tonight too though.  To hear other people in the apartment again.  The TV has been on non-stop for background noise.  Back home, I'm used to Gem and Thor running around the house like crazy, keeping me company while Keith is away.  
I've stayed pretty busy this weekend too.  Did I mention that I don't have classes on Friday?  So its like having two Saturdays.  :) Yeah, you should be jealous.  Anyways, all day Friday I was in the studio, doing painting homework.  Marsha, loves homework.  I do believe I'll have painting homework every weekend.  Then Saturday, I slept in late, and went to the Boboli Gardens and feel in LOVE.  The gardens are amazing.  The weather was that day too.  A lovely 61 degrees.  I spent about 3 hours in the gardens and believe I only seen about half of it.  So gorgeous.  There were groups of young people hanging out and having picnics.  Couples making out in the more secluded areas.  And lots of tourists like myself with their cameras out.  More pictures to come, when my connection is better (of course it wants to be a pain in the butt when I want to upload pics).  I also went to H&M yesterday and proceeded to purchase a few clothing items.  I love H&M.  It makes me happy.
And today, its raining.  So I proclaim a lazy day.  I did go to the laundromat and accomplished the act of getting clean clothes.  Well, I'm off here.  I'm going to work on some homework and start putting ideas for my next tat down on paper.  Which I'm highly considering maybe getting done while in Paris, seeing as I'm having a hard time finding a place here.  We shall see.  Until then....



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