Monday, March 2, 2009

Thats just the way I see the world...

Painting class is by far my favorite.  I feel very comfortable in there.  I'm not afraid to experiment with the paint and I'm ACTUALLY learning things.  Things I probably should already know by now (simple things like how to set up your palette).  But at least I'm learning right?  Better late than never.  This week is going to be uber-busy.  And will not stop until Spring break.  Which is a wonderful welcome.  Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip to Carrara, Italy with my Marble class.  I'm looking forward to it. More things to see! :) I have a paper I should currently be working on.  Its due at midterm for my Museums class.  It shouldn't be hard but I'm finding very little motivation to work on it.  I'm working on a pair of kick-ass earrings in Jewelry and have to have them finished at midterm too.  Then this weekend I'm going to be in Paris, which is wonderful but I worry about losing the weekend and not getting to work on painting stuff.  Means next week and weekend is going to be ALL homework.  Blah.  Oh well.  Oh good news, Jamie and Katie (who are both in Spain) are going to be in Paris this weekend too.  So hopefully I'll get to see a familiar face.  :)  
I just wanted to update you in case I don't get time to in a while.

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